QUDOO- India’s first Education-Gaming-Social (EGS) platform

Qudoo is India’s first Education Gaming Social (EGS) platform that helps you to test and enhance your knowledge in an innovative and enjoyable way. Qudoo uses elements of gamification like real-time challenges, rewards, competition, and social engagement to motivate the users to practice more.

As an education-gaming-social platform, Qudoo provides you with absolutely free high-quality short quizzes for Banking, SSC, Insurance, Railways, and other competitive examinations that can work as a filler between your long and stressful study sessions.

The main aim of Qudoo is to ensure that learning is not monotonous or exhausting, rather it is a fun-filled process. It was founded by team Smartkeeda, India’s leading Test Series platform for Banking, Insurance, and other Government Job Exams.

Why should you prefer Qudoo for your preparation?

As a student, you all know how important it is to take quizzes prior to your examination. There is a significant power in having anticipated the level of the questions before entering an examination hall. Taking tests and quizzes before an exam helps you to test your knowledge, increase your score and improve your time management skills.

Most of the candidates try to avoid taking a test as it is a lengthy, and boring task to be done. Qudoo helps you to break this monotony and release your examination anxiety by providing you with short and high-quality quizzes which you can take during your breaks. Qudoo inspires you to learn in the most stress-free manner.  Various features of the app described in the article will help you to hit the nail on the head.

How Qudoo is different from other educational apps

Qudoo is not just a gaming or an educational app. It is an Education-gaming-social platform (EGS). Therefore, Qudoo combines the best of both worlds and provides a user with an exceptionally unique experience that might put him/her ahead in the game. Spending time on Qudoo during the preparation can help a lot in making an aspirant’s dream journey not only easier but also fun.

Let us go through the various features of the app.

Play Warm-up

Preparing for competitive exams is no less than preparing for National games. No matter how skilled a player you are, you should never go on the field without completing some practice matches. Qudoo provides you with several warm-up quizzes in different sections to prepare you for the actual battle.

Also, if you are a newbie in the field of competitive examination or are not yet ready for a battle, you can test your skills and knowledge through a warm-up quiz. The warm-up quiz checks your knowledge by providing different questions in the subject you choose. The smart interface of Qudoo helps you to understand and learn a topic by repeating questions from the topics you mark incorrect frequently. As soon as you learn the topic, Qudoo will perceive and reduce the number of questions from that topic automatically.

Compete with random opponents through head-on

As an Education-gaming-social platform (EGS), Qudoo allows you to battle with your mates in terms of knowledge. You can enter the battlefield and choose your favorite subject among English language, Reasoning aptitude, Quantitative aptitude, current affairs, LAW, and General Studies as your weapon.

‘Head-on’ finds and connects you with the nearest available opponent battling with the same weapon as you within seconds. After finishing the battle, you can check the solutions of all the completed quizzes in the ‘challenges history’ section and analyze your answers. The correct and incorrect answers on a particular topic will help you to identify your strengths and weakness respectively.

Find the best competitor

Qudoo helps you to find your best competitor by matching you with random opponents through head-on. After finishing a quiz, if you feel that you were not able to give your best performance in the battle, you can resend the challenge through an option available on the result screen. If the opponent accepts your challenge, you will be able to play with the same opponent then and there.

On the other hand, if you realize that the opponent played really well and was able to hold a candle to your performance, you can follow him/her at the result screen and throw him/her a challenge later if he/she follows you back.

Discuss the strategies with your mates

Learning how to perform exceptionally in a competition is also a challenge in itself. Qudoo, being an Educational-gaming-social (EGS) platform helps you to connect with the most brilliant minds in the inbox where you can discuss learning strategies.

Once the opponent follows you back after receiving a follow request, you both become mates. Mates can chat with each other in the inbox, discuss their preparation strategies, and share their strengths and weaknesses. Your mates can play an important role in your preparation by helping you mentally and academically for an exam in order to maximize your performance.

Throw a challenge to mates in real time

You can find and follow your friends through their user name and as soon as they follow you back, you both become mates. Mates can throw a challenge at each other in real-time. In case your mate is not available during that time, you have the option to ‘go first’ and play the quiz. Your responses will be recorded and the final result will be declared when your mate plays the challenge sent by you.

Improve your speed and accuracy

Qudoo quizzes help you to increase your speed and accuracy by providing a timer for each question with a set average time. The more quickly you hit the correct option, the more will be the number points rewarded to you. Also, you will be rewarded with negative points if you hit the wrong option. The strategy will motivate you to choose the correct option as soon as possible and hence increase your speed and accuracy. You will be able to gain both speed and accuracy by practicing more and more quizzes on the app. Qudoo will help you to take the right decisions at the right time.

Understand the art of skipping

A candidate needs to understand that skipping a question that you are totally unaware of helps you to reduce the negative marking that you might face in case you guess an incorrect answer. This strategy is used by most of the toppers in competitive examinations. Qudoo rewards you with negative points as soon as you hit the wrong answer. Sometimes, the opponent wins the battle not because of his correct answers, but because of your wrong answers. As an aspirant, you should try to skip the questions you are unaware of.

Earn while you play

Qudoo provides you with 200 Qoins as a sign-up bonus in your wallet. A player has to put 10 Qoins at stake to enter the battleground against his opponent. The player will keep earning more and more coins with each win. If the player loses a battle, he’ll lose 10 Qoins out of his wallet.

A player cannot enter the battlefield if he/she exhausts his Qoins balance. However, the wallet gets refilled with 20 Qoins after 1 hour waiting period. One can also purchase more Qoins from the Qudoo store to re-enter the battlefield. Various features of the app can be unlocked using the Qoins won through the battles.

Qudoo quizzes are designed in a way that helps you to anticipate the type of questions you may face in the actual examination and hence helps you to reduce the amount of pressure you might face at that time. As India’s first Education Gaming Social (EGS) platform, Qudoo has amalgamated Education with gaming to ensure that fun is just another word for learning to an aspirant.

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